Visit a BigFoot HotSpot Today and Get Surfing!


Laptop users with 802.11b/g-enabled and apple Airport-enabled Wi-Fi computers can enjoy high speed internet access. Free yourself from the shackles of dialup and wired Internet access. Experience the freedom of Wireless High-Speed Internet with BigFoot HotSpot by Everwave.



Connect Wirelessly Today!

It's as easy as 1,2, 3. The only things you will need to use our service are:

a laptop computer running a current version of Windows, (Windows 95 or greater)
a Wi-Fi compliant, (IEEE 802.11b) wireless network card
a valid credit card with which to set up your account.

Read more about rate plans here.

What is a Wireless Network?

A Wireless Network is a Local Area Network (LAN) that replaces wires and cables with radio frequency (RF) connections. Wireless Networks have a relatively small coverage area, between zero and 300 feet per radio transceiver depending upon the surrounding building structure. Wireless Networks give you the freedom to access the internet, email, instant messaging services and your company's network anywhere within the signal coverage area.

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